Building Excelence

Rapid Deployment and Precise Structures

Founded in 2000 by Thomas F. Allen and Danny R. Jones, Concrete Erectors has achieved tremendous success in the construction industry. Their expertise? Erecting architectural precast and prestress concrete for multistory buildings, such as multistory parking garages, precast modular cell units on prisons, hollowcore and structural wall panel projects. Concrete Erectors, Inc. is the largest precast cell erector in the USA. Concrete Erectors, Inc. completed its first Internaimages_03tional project in 2006, which was the Barbados Prison Facility in St. Philip, Barbados.

Concrete Erectors, Inc. and has a skilled team of crane operators, welders and riggers and precast erectors. This team and our commitment to excellence has been maintained since inception, in spite of the company’s growth.

Concrete Erectors, Inc. is PCI (Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institution) qualified and boasts 70 years of combined experience in the construction industry, which assures quality, timely operation, and an affordable solution to your construction needs.