1. What is the name of your company? Concrete Erectors, Inc.
  2. When was it founded? 2000
  3. Who founded it? Thomas F. Allen and Danny R. Jones
  4. How long has the business been in operation? Sixteen years
  5. What are the main services and products that your business provides? Erect Precast concrete modular cells, structural precast and hollow-core.
  6. What are the secondary services your business provides? Erect Architectural Precast.
  7. How many employees does your company have? It varies on how many projects are running at one time, we use Union Iron-workers and union operators as our employees.
  8. How many Offices/Location(s)/Employees does your businesses have? One main office in Florida.
  9. What other states does your company operate in? In all 50 states and including the US Virgin Islands.
  10. Is the business a member of any industry related associations, societies, guilds or unions? Iron-worker Local 808 and PCI.
  11. Please name some of your past clients. Please see list under Services on our site.
  12. Please name some of your current clients. Please see list under Services on our site.
  13. Give some examples of how your business sets the standard for high quality in your industry. One of our Company principals is personally involved in each and every project.
  14. What equipment, tools, support and staff do you have to complete your jobs with? Our Company only uses to most up to date equipment and tools on all of our projects.
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